LORA GREENINHOME Lora Gonzalez DeBord began her real estate career as a child growing up in a family where her father and mother were both Texas brokers.  The family business was the first Mexican American mortgage company in the state of Texas and it was a family business. Lora used to sit on old MLS books for a high chair, then as she grew and was able to work she would work the family property and management side of the business with lawn maintenance, collections, and renovations. At the age of 19 Lora left San Antonio to continue her education in Austin. She began a career with an international hotel marketing company.  She discovered extraordinary people from all walk of life and many parts of the world from Alaska to Europe.   She spent 10 years in North Carolina in the residential and commercial solar energy industry.  Then spent 12 years in Austin Texas as an account executive and sales manager in radio broadcast.  Lora brings a well rounded life and career to the table when it comes to listening to her clients needs.  She knows no stranger and she gets along with everyone and she loves people. Today she has an affiliation with the #1 Real Estate broker in San Antonio, Texas, Keller Williams Heritage joining one of their top husband and wife teams her first first six months in the business.  Lora handled 19 transactions totaling over 3.6 million dollars her first six months in the business.  She hung her license with Craig Owen, SABOR Broker of the Year 2013 and is currently with FGM Realty. Some say Lora’s career has come full circle and her key to her success is her unique ability to make a life long friend with her clients.  She will be an instrumental part of finding you that perfect real estate property or connecting you with the just right home builder. “The homecoming has been amazing after being gone 27 years.  San Antonio is a vibrant, diverse, and thriving city.  It is a great place to live, work, retire and raise a family.  Real estate is in my bones and background.  Call me and we can discuss your needs.”

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